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Many of the smaller yachts provide food, bar and running expenses for one price. This is “all-inclusive”.
Most of the larger yachts operate on a “plus expenses” or "exclusive" basis. The charterer pays for food, moorage fees, fuel and other operating expenses. An “Advanced Provisioning Allowance” (APA) of approximately 25% is due with the charter fee. Any unused portion of the APA is refunded to the client.
We use Caribbean Yacht Brokers Association (CYBA) contracts for the smaller yachts. The larger yachts require a Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association (MYBA) agreement. Fifty percent of the charter fee is usually required to reserve, with the balance due prior to departure. The contract includes the details of the cruise, including payment terms, dates and location.
We will provide a questionnaire specifying menu preferences, arrival details and other requests. This may include everything from diving fin sizes to restaurant recommendations. The crewed yachts pride themselves in preparing to exceed your expectations and provide the particulars that suit your individual tastes, such as a special cocktail or a planned activity. Never hesitate to ask for a special request.
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